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Please note:  Not all products are made in all fragrances

Alaskan Lodge: Woodsy, cozy cinnamon, vanilla and spices. Hands down our most popular scent in whatever we put it in!

Apple Jack:  If you are familiar with the Claire Burke fragrance, or if you just want a cozy fragrant scent of Apples, Cinnamon and Citrus Peel--give this one a try!  It is not a bakery type, it is much stronger and almost perfume-like. (Seasonal)

Arctic Man:  Black currants in fresh air, outdoorsy cedar and a hint of musky aftershave.  A nice masculine yet outdoorsy scent. 

Bear Naked: Funny name, but a perfect blend of sweet tropical fruits.

Bear Paw Bakery: Yummy pastry, butter, maple, cinnamon brown sugar and oats rolled in a vanilla base. 

Blueberry Cheesecake:  Delicious sweet blueberries with just the right amount of cheesecake and graham cracker crust. 

Boughs & Berries:  A nice combination of fresh cut pine and fresh picked berries with a hint of cold crisp air.  (Seasonal)

Cabin Cuddles: Mulled cider with strong woodsy notes, cinnamon, cloves and a touch of berries.

Candy Cane:  A very realistic peppermint scent with a hint of strawberry for an extra realistic candy candy throw.  (Seasonal)

Caramel Apple Crunch:  The aroma of a granny smith apple with creamy, buttery caramel dipped in crunchy toffee chips. 

Caramel Cinnamon Latte:  Smells like a coffee shop...a perfectly blended latte with cinnamon and drizzled with caramel.

Cherry Bomb:  Watch out! There is a reason this is named Cherry Bomb! This scent explodes with dark and sweet cherries.

Christmas Kitchen:  A fragrant combination of cinnamon, peppermint & clove.  A perfectly spicy Christmas scent.  (Seasonal) 

Christmas Tree:  A fresh cut Christmas tree.  Very realistic & traditional.  (Seasonal)

Cinnamon Pumpkin:  A warm, spicy pumpkin with rum, allspice & cinnamon.(Seasonal)

Cinnamon Spruce:  Blue spruce with spicy cinnamon stick & cedar 

Citrus Splash: Sweet citrus scent a kumquat & orange blend.  

Clothespins:  Clean, fresh fragrance of laundry mixed with just a touch of baby powder.

Coconut Cream Pie:  A delicious creamy coconut pie in a flaky crust, topped with whipped cream.

Coconut Mandarin:  Mandarin oranges, a hint of spice and flakes of yummy coconut! 

Cozy Cranberry:  My own custom blend of cranberries and spice.

Cranberry Cabin:  Woodsy, fresh cut balsam, cranberry and subtle mulled spice.  (Seasonal)

Cranberry Orange Spice:  Spiced oranges with a hint of tart cranberries...not sweet or tart, this is a cozy blend.  Deceiving when cold--but once melted, it really transforms to a great homespun scent.

Cranberry Salsa:  This is a sweet & tangy true cranberry with a bit of a sophisticated kick.

Cranberry Woods:  A perfect combination of tart cranberry, cinnamon bark, cedar and just a hint of amber.  

Fall Festival:  A cozy, spicy blend of cinnamon, peppermint & clove.  Don't let the name fool ya--definitely right year year-round!

Fall In Love:  Do you love fall?  Then you'll Fall In Love with this scent.  Crisp leaves, apple peel, a touch of bark & oak with a bit of berry.

Festivus:  Seinfeld fans, unite:  This is a non-traditional combination for a non-traditional celebration.  Spiced pears, peaches & apples will add a bright fragrance to your feats of strength celebration around that aluminum pole.  Also a great scent while airing your grievances.  (Seasonal)  

Flannel Sheets:  Smells just like clean flannel sheets fresh out of the dryer.

Fresh Mountain Air:  Strong and clean--beautiful views and blue skies that seem to go on forever come to mind.  Reminiscent of Gain laundry products.

Friendship Tea:  Cinnamon, apple & a touch of orange peel on a base of dried tea leaves.

Fruit Loops:  Surprisingly realistic, smells just like a bowl of fruity rainbow cereal.

Harvest Pear:  Caramel dipped pears with spices.  Truly delicious smelling (Seasonal)

Harvest Thyme:  Traditional fragrance of clove combined with fresh orange slices and a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg. 

Hatcher Pass Blueberry:  Fresh, sweet mountain blueberry.  A bright, fruity fragrance.  Hatcher Pass is a favorite local mountain area to find these juicy treats.  Just watch out for the bears!

Hippy Chick:  Patchouli, Sandalwood, Ylang, Amber, Musk, Cedarwood, Violet and Vanilla round out this cool, far out fragrance. 

Holiday Wreath:  A beautiful wreath of evergreen & pinecone with dried cranberries, cinnamon sticks & orange peel.  (Seasonal)

Honey Clementine:  The very pleasant fragrance of Clementine Oranges dipped in pure honey.

Honeydew Pear:  Cantaloupe and honeydew melon combined with juicy green pear. Smells very fresh and light.

Honeysuckle:  A strong, realistic scent of sweet honeysuckle nectar & blooms.

Hot Apple Cider:  Ripened apples with mulling spices of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and a slight twist of lemon peel.

Hurricane Daiquiri: A mixture of rum and fresh fruit that will awaken your senses. 

Lavender Mint:  French lavender and peppermint, uplifting yet soothing to the mind.  A wonderful herbal combination.

Lazy Bay Breeze:  Named after a bay on Kodiak Island, this scent has notes of breezy ozone, salty sea spray, seaweed and weathered driftwood.

Lemon Verbena:  You want lemon?  You got it!  A pure, tangy, smooth lemon. Pucker up!

Lovespells: Smells like the popular VS fragrance of mandarin orange, bergamot, and tangerine enhanced by hints of fresh peaches, strawberries, and raspberries on an undertone of white musk.

MacIntosh Apple:  Smells just like the real thing!  Very realistic fragrance of tart, sweet apples with red peel.

Mrs Claus' Cottage:  Just what you'd expect Mrs Claus' cottage to smell like.  HInts of Christmas tree & poinsettia with berries, spices and a warm batch of cookies.  Joyful!  (Seasonal) 

Mulberry:  Fragrant, sweet mulberries.  (Seasonal)

Northwoods:  You are walking alone on a cold dark evening.  You see a cozy cabin up ahead--a welcoming retreat.  When you step inside you can smell the fragrance of cranberries, bayberries, cinnamon bark and a hint of orange zest simmering on the stove.  

Patchouli Rain:  Fresh rain and earthy patchouli combine to smell clean & relaxing, but also sophisticated.

Pepperberry Wreath:  Tart berries on a grapevine wreath.  (Seasonal)

Pineapple Paradise:  Smells like fresh, juicy pineapple.  A great "picker-upper" during Cabin Fever season.

Pink Sugar:  Cotton candy and musk make this a very unique and well loved fragrance! Like the famous perfume. 

Plumberry Spice:  The perfect combination of plump berries, fragrant plums, cinnamon spice and even a touch of spruce.   

Plumeria:  The traditional lei flower of Hawaii, plumeria is a soft, sweet floral that is very fragrant, yet not overpowering. 

Polar Bear Kiss:  Sweet vanilla swirls of buttercream mixed with cool peppermint.  (Seasonal)

Pomegranate & Ginger:  A bright & fruity scent.  You can't pick up on the ginger very much, but it is just enough to bring out the full fragrance of the pomegranate.

Primitive Christmas:  A cozy blend of apples & cloves with cinnamon sticks & a touch of holly.  (Seasonal)

Pumpkin Apple Butter: Perfect blend of pumpkin with just the right amount of apple butter...great for fall or anytime you want a cozy scent!  This one is not spicy, but very good.

Pumpkin Bread:  Pumpkin puree, buttered rum, nutmeg, ginger with notes of creamy vanilla and sugar.   

Pumpkin Cheesecake:  A delicious smelling blend of rich cheesecake and pumpkin.  

Pumpkin Pie Spice:  Pumpkin blended with nutmeg, clove, cinnamon and ginger.  This is not sweet pumpkin pie, it's a hearty, spicy pumpkin.

Pure Country Christmas:  A very unique outdoorsy scent combining eucalyptus with pine.  The eucalyptus actually enhances the pine throw.  If you are looking for a different spin on a traditional scent, give this one a try.  (Seasonal)  

Rosemary Mint:  Rosemary needles with crushed spearmint leaves.  This is modeled after the Aveda product line.

Ruby Red Grapefruit:  Crisp & clean!  A great citrus alternative.  Pure, sweet, juicy Ruby Red grapefruit.

Sea Island Cotton:  A clean, ozone & water scent combined with hints of cotton, amber and sheer musk.

Spruce Moose: The smell of a Sitka Spruce forest.  Very pleasant and not overpowering.

Strawberry Rhubarb:  My custom blend of strawberries and fresh rhubarb make this a perfect mix of tart and sweet.

Sugar Cookie:  An amazingly delicious sugar cookie scent.  This one is realistic & so yummy.

Sweet Orange Chili Pepper:  Wonderful complex citrus scent.  You really cannot detect the chili pepper, but it sure enhances the tangy notes of the bergamot orange and gives this fragrance more of a personality and substance while toning down the sweetness just a notch.

Sweet Pea:  A delicate, charming and romantic floral. 

Tahitian Mango:  Sweet, delicious, juicy mango--fresh from the tropics!

Toasty Marshmallow:  The fragrance of a sweet, sticky marshmallow, perfectly toasted on the campfire.  

Vanilla Bean Noel:  A duplicate of the popular BBW Scent.  Vanilla bean with sugary roasted marshmallow and a hint of musk.  (Seasonal)

Vanilla Creme:  Rich vanilla custard with just the right touch of caramelized sugar on top.

Vanilla Cotton:  White amber and vanilla bean wrapped in a warm blanket of cotton.

Victorian Christmas:  Fir needles, pine balsam, cinnamon leaf and green holly.  (Seasonal)

Volcano:  A replication of a very popular fragrance sold in Anthropologie stores.  A mix of tropic fruits and citrus combined with a bit of violet leaf, driftwood and tropical green notes.  This exotic mix makes a fruity, yet not overly sweet, clean fragrance.

Warm Cinnamon Rolls:  Spicy, fragrant cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven.  (Also known as Cinnabuns)

Winterberry Frost:  A unique blend of cool, crisp peppermint with sweet refreshing berries.  (Seasonal)


We are proud to state that all of our fragrances are Phthalate Free, PVC Free & Nitro-Musk Free.
Only using the finest oils Made in the USA & American Grown, Eco-Friendly 100% Pure Soy Wax.