Thank you for stopping by.  I have set this site up for information on my products and events for the 2019 Season.

I will not be offering a purchase option on my website this year.  It's too difficult to keep accurate online inventory that keeps up with my local sales.  I apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment.



Welcome to The Bear Scentials!  I am so pleased to have you visit my website

I started dabbling in candle making over 20 years ago and have worked hard to test and perfect my recipes while still keeping the personal, handmade touch.  I used to just make fragranced items for family & friends, then expanded to open my business in 2006.  

I still personally make each and every one of my handmade items as well as attend all of our bazaars and craft shows to try to personally meet each customer.  I love the friends and relationships I've built through the years and that is why I rarely sell wholesale.  I want to provide the best possible experience for my customers, and feel it's an experience you can't gain in a store (ok, and may be it's also because I'm a bit of a control freak.)

I make every item in our Wasilla, Alaska home.  I am a certified Made In Alaska crafter.  I am proud of my products and proud of our great state--we have so many creative people that call Alaska home.  My motto is:  "It's easy to sell something ONE time, the key is to make items that are worth enjoying and sharing so I may gain longtime customers and friends."

Thank you again for visiting my website.  While I'm not currently taking online or "on demand" orders, you're welcome to browse through some of my products and find out the events I'll be at.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me thebearscentials AT gmail DOT com and please follow me on Facebook & Instagram for the latest information.  Please note I am a crafter, this is not a full time business for me, so I don't always have all items in stock.  I appreciate your support of my craftiness!